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F&M organises a contest between italian and international creative people for the creation of its new logo. F&M is a new business reality linked to food and events.  A project born from the passion for gastronomy and traditions of italian regional cuisine and linked also to the organization of events with food as the main character.  The name F&M born from the Napolitan expression “Frijenno e Magnanno” that means literally frying and eating. This Napolitan expression indicates two actions that you have to do at the same time, because when you fry your food, you should eat it immediately.
As a new reality in the area, F&M needs a new official logo and to define that, it organises a contest for creative people able to send, with an image, the meaning of food.



  • Quality food →You know, in Italy we love good food and F&M tries to promote this concept. Quality and taste are two of the main traits for F&M’s products.
  • History of food → F&M, with its menu, gives space to origins, beliefs, customs linked to food. Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.
  • Nutritionism →Key elements for F&M are balanced diet and healthy food as principles for physical health.
  • Italian regional cuisine →F&M offers menu inspired by the tradition of italian regional cuisine, without excluding extra-territorial excursions.



The competition aims to find the logo of F&M to give to a new reality with growth targets a clear identity on the visual level. The logo must have the characteristics of originality and uniqueness, should be aesthetically effective and easily distinguishable guaranteeing the recognition of F&M. The proposal of the logo must be accompanied by the study of its corporate branding , considering future uses on different media, formats and channels (web, video, print, etc..).
N.B. projects must be original and produced specifically for the contest.



The competition will have one winner, whose logo will be used in the entire communication plan related to the project.
The winning designer will receive a contribution of € 500 towards of his/hers training and professional career, the possibility of including the logo in his/her own portfolio is in any case guaranteed. F&M reserves the right to evaluate possible collaborations with any of the designers who participated in this competition.



The competition of ideas is targeted to italian and international creative people enthusiasts in Design, Communication and Advertising. Applicants of any age are eligible to apply.



The projects can be delivered  from the 24th of February 2021 12:00 am, exclusively through the website: www.fandm.it. No other forms of delivery (mail, e-mail etc..) be permitted.

To participate, just follow these steps:

  1. Fill the participation form on www.fandm.it with your personal information.
  2. Load your project (maximum resolution 150dpi) with the study of the logo and its possible applications.

The winner will then be asked the development of the logo in vector format, without limitation of magnification, in full color, grayscale, and any pantone equivalent.



The winning project will be owned and fully available to F&M srls (registered office in Via Appennini 61, 20151 Milan, VAT number 11406300969)
The winner can not claim any rights connected to the project, except for the recognition of paternity of the same. F&M agrees not to modify in any way the works presented without the consent of the designer. Any changes to the project – that are considered necessary for the effective use of the logo – will be agreed with the author.
For more information, you can read the specific Creative Commons release , download it at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/